Learn About Dental Bridges

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What is a bridge when it relates to dental work? RU Smiling wants to help you learn more about this choice in the advent that you have one or more missing teeth. Bridges are customized to fit the needs and mouth of the patient. It is considered restorative and can be used with an implant as well as your natural teeth. Bridges are permanent and are not removed nightly.

What is a Bridge?

Made from porcelain as well as other materials, the bridge uses artificial teeth to connect with the natural ones. It bridges the gap between teeth, with the two anchoring teeth as abutment teeth. The replacement tooth or teeth can be made from porcelain, gold or metal alloys or a combination of all. Front teeth and those that are visible will have porcelain, in a matching natural color, as the replacement tooth or teeth.

What Are the Benefits of a Bridge?

It can restore your smile, especially if you have a broken tooth. It may also restore your ability to chew and speak properly. A bridge helps to keep the remaining teeth in their proper position, so they don’t drift out of place. While distributing the force of biting more evenly, the bridge overcomes the lack of teeth. Your appearance may also benefit from the use of dental bridges. They help to maintain the shape of the face, overcoming a sunken appearance where teeth are missing.

How Long Does Fitting a Bridge Take?

The first step will be the making of molds; impressions are made of your teeth. It will be used to customize the artificial tooth and the crowns for the adjacent teeth. All will be one piece and will result in the dental appliance known as a bridge. Expect that your bridge will take several visits. The process involves the following:

  • Estimate with consultation
  • Fit
  • Install
  • Adjust if necessary

Your bridge will be made just for your mouth and comfort.

Is There a Difference Between a Bridge and an Implant?

Yes, implants are permanent teeth that are inserted into the gums and jaw, while a bridge requires preparation of the teeth on each side of the artificial tooth. Preparation for a bridge may involve filing down your natural teeth on the sides of the artificial one, making them ready for the crowns. On the other hand, an implant bridge may be used when you don’t have the healthy teeth to support a traditional bridge. If several teeth are missing, this may be suggested by your dentist. In a future post, we’ll discuss implants further. Interested in finding out more about how a bridge can help your smile and eating? Contact us for a free consultation and appointment to learn more. Students and others may be able to get discounts with dental insurance Toronto. The Ryerson dental plan as well as others may include a discount for bridge work.